Goulburn Kart Club - SEKNSW


The SEK series has been operating since the late 1990's. Originally a private enterprise, this changed in 2013 when the former Prokart business was closed. What followed was the amalgamation of the teams with The Goulburn Kart Racing Club. To this day we continue to operate as a club for our members.

President- James Waters         Ph 0419 413 911

​Vice President- Martin Emr     Ph 0417 297 602

​Secretary- Julie Pauling            ​Ph 0416 159 995




Practice Sign On


At all times, Practice is to be conducted in accordance with Section X of the KNSW Rules & Regulations.

Additional Covid-19 Requirements

  1. I acknowledge that I have read and understood the KNSW Guidelines to Reduce Risk at KNSW Sanctioned Events and acknowledge that KNSW has recommended that I download the COVIDSafe App;

  2. I confirm that I have not travelled overseas in the last 14 days;

  3. I am not showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (fever,flu like symptoms such as temperature, coughing, sore throat or headaches or have difficulty breathing);

  4. I have not had close of casual contact with a person who has been confirmed with COVID-19; and

  5. I will follow the direction of KNSW and/or KNSW Club's directions regarding hand hygiene while participating at a KNSW Sanctioned Event, including sanitising my hands prior to my arrival for Practice.

​If you agree to the above please fill out form below.

Practice Sign on Sheet

Must be filled out each day you want to practice

Is your KNSW Licence Valid and Do you accept the terms and conditions as stated above.

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