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Unleash your inner racer with KNSW KartSTART! Fuel your curiosity, ignite your passion, and experience the thrill of karting like never before. Join us in making your karting dreams a reality driving a


Introducing KartSTART

Are you ready to embark on a your journey into the awesome world of karting?

Look no further than Karting NSW's KartSTART, your ultimate introduction to the high-speed excitement and skilled sport of kart racing.

Whether you're a total newcomer or just curious about the sport, our program is tailor-made to give you an exhilarating first taste of REAL RACE KARTS in a fun, safe, and accessible manner.

Why you should choose KartSTART

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Beginner Friendly

Our program is designed for those taking their very first steps into karting. No prior experience needed!

Professional Guidance

Learn from patient instructors who are passionate about helping newcomers discover the joy of karting.

Accessible Fun

KartSTART is about having a blast while learning. We've created an environment that's both exciting and welcoming. 

Unforgettable Memories

Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime! The moment you hit the gas for the first time you'll be hooked!

What to Expect

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Karting Basics

Discover the world of karting from the ground up! Learn about the different types of karts, their components, and the essential gear that keeps you safe and comfortable on the track.

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Hands On Thrills

Get ready to slide into the driver's seat and grip the steering wheel of a real kart. Under the guidance of our friendly instructors, you'll learn the ropes, feel the power of the engine, and experience the sheer joy of acceleration.

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Safety First

Safety is our top priority. Before you hit the track, we'll provide you with a thorough safety briefing to ensure you're confident and comfortable in your gear and on the course.

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Kickstart your entry into the Sport

Aa a KartSTART Participant you will receive the following FREE to start your karting journey:

  • 6 month KNSW Licence

  • 6 Month Club Membership

  • KartSTART Gloves

  • KartSTART Balaclava

  • Expert tutelage and advice 

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Connect with Karting Enthusiasts

Join a community of like-minded individuals who share your newfound passion. Swap stories, make friends, and dive into the fun world of karting together.

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